Front Bumper Bar Cement Left Hand

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The Front Bumper Bar Cement Left Hand (#52134-60180), a critical electrical part in the Headlamp system, plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and alignment of the vehicle's lighting elements. This Toyota auto part functions by providing a robust adhesive connection between the bumper bar and the headlamp components. Remaining functional and stable even amidst temperature fluctuations and vibrations, the Front Bumper Bar Cement Left Hand (#52134-60180) helps in keeping the headlamps steady and aligned. Like most vehicle components, it necessitates periodic replacement. Ignoring this can lead to misalignment of the headlamps, resulting in poor illumination and potential safety risks. Remember, using genuine parts is essential for vehicle compatibility and they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, a well-maintained Front Bumper Bar Cement Left Hand (#52134-60180) contributes significantly to the overall safety of the Headlamp system by ensuring consistent, reliable illumination at all times.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 81150-60K32;81150-60K31;81150-60G90;81150-60G91;81150-60G92;81150-60J90;81150-60J91;81150-60K30;81150-60J92 More
Part Number 52134-60180

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